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Kitchens for Mansions

If your mansion dreams of an extraordinary kitchen, Kitchen Coordination has extensive years of experience in designing and installing bespoke luxury kitchens in the most prestigious homes across the UK. As the leading expert in high-end kitchens for mansions, we transform ambitions into reality with beautiful bespoke kitchens crafted to enrich your lifestyle.


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    Our Speciality is Bringing Your Vision to Life

    While most kitchen companies focus on mass manufactured designs, Kitchen Coordination exists for one purpose only – to create made-to-order luxury kitchens enabling our clients to live their dream mansion lifestyle.

    Your kitchen is the heart of your home and we make this central space as unique as you are. We consult with you to deeply understand how you wish to live in your kitchen from hosting lively family meals or spectacular formal dinners to enjoying solitary mornings with a coffee overlooking estate grounds.

    Then our designers get to work reimagining what a kitchen can be to truly complement your home and lifestyle with no constraints on imagination. Materials, appliances, ergonomics all stems from you so the final result feels like it has always been there. Over the last three decades we have developed an unrivalled reputation for making fantasies a reality in over 500 stately homes and country mansions across the UK. From sleek contemporary minimalism to grand traditional decadence, the vision is always yours – our specialty lies in executing it to perfection.


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    We Source the World’s Finest Materials

    Kitchens form the backdrop to memories over generations. Outstanding aesthetics must be matched by quality able to stand the test of time. We use only the world’s finest hand selected natural stones, woods, tiles and handles sourced ethically from Italy, Brazil and Scandinavia. Resources, craftsmanship and transportation leave substantial carbon footprints so we prioritise local suppliers first and ensure the green credentials of global partners. The results are kitchens with smaller eco-impact that still harness luxurious, scarce materials built to endure.

    At the heart of every great kitchen lies expertly designed cabinetry tailored ergonomically to you. Our master craftsmen trained for over a decade each to achieve the pinnacle of bespoke carpentry. We build everything from scratch including specialist finishes like aged brass, reclaimed woods and oxidised metals.

    Details make perfection – from crafted drawers on cabinet fronts to angled surfaces that are kinder to backs. Our cabinets utilise every inch to maximise hidden storage so surfaces feel calmer. And because our designs are made solely for you, the result looks like it always belonged.


    We Integrate Cutting-Edge Tech Seamlessly

    We stay ahead of innovations from induction zones to cold-press juicers so your kitchen harnesses all the latest technology without compromising on timeless elegance. Appliances conceal themselves discretely until needed and surfaces float as if unsupported. Smart home systems allow intuitive control over lighting, acoustics, temperature and security. Our integrated tech enables enjoying kitchen life to the fullest rather than restricting you. And with future flexibility designed-in, your mansion kitchen remains effortlessly state of the art for longer.

    We encourage clients to explore endless possibilities during consultations because real magic happens when imagination is set free.

    Want to host exquisite formal dinners? We design theatrically lit chef’s kitchens with spacious dining integration. Do you follow the latest interior trends? We use 3D visualisation to walk through sleek monochromatic designs with daring shapes before construction starts.

    Prefer vintage living? Our traditional designs harness beautiful reclaimed woods and handmade handles to evoke heritage. Or maximize entertaining space by extending your kitchen into orangeries and garden pavilions.

    We make courtyard kitchens, angular showpieces, floating islands, wine stations – if you can conceive it, our master craftsmen can execute it to enrich your experience of home.


    Get in touch with us today to discuss your dream bespoke kitchen!

    If you have grand plans for an outstanding bespoke kitchen, we invite you to contact us today an initial consultation. Meet our designers and explore first-hand why Britain’s elite families trust us generation after generation to craft kitchens that redefine mansion living.

    We look forward to understanding your vision during a relaxed opening conversation with no commitments. This is when magic happens as we begin your journey towards the kitchen dreams are made of.

    Simply complete the form below or call us on 020 8958 6262 – and we look forward to speaking with you.





      Request a Callback for a Free Consultation