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What Are the Benefits of a Kitchen Island?

When renovating or remodelling your kitchen, it’s crucial to do your research early on. Whether you’re comparing the features of appliances, searching for the perfect textures or looking to maximise storage space whilst maintaining minimalism, it’s always helpful to think carefully about how you can create an efficient space that’s safe and comfortable for all the family.

In recent years, kitchens have become larger, with many homeowners choosing to combine kitchen and dining areas as one. Many have also looked to extend their properties to facilitate a larger kitchen, and extra space brings additional options. One of which is the kitchen island. Here in the UK, kitchen islands have long been used to provide extra storage, an additional work surface and a place to catch up on emails if you decide to add stalls. Below are some of the top benefits of having a kitchen island:

More Space

One of the biggest benefits of a kitchen island is that it gives you an extra work surface. This can be really helpful when you’re preparing food, giving you more room to work. A kitchen island can also be great for storing additional appliances, pots, pans or kitchenware.

Whether you desire an additional space to cook dinner, catch up on work, host a Zoom call with friends or entertain guests, you get a great deal of extra flexibility with a kitchen island.


A kitchen island should ideally be consistent with your overall kitchen, blending seamlessly with the surrounding cabinetry, furniture and surfaces. Whether you’re looking to create a modern, minimalist, eclectic, artistic or farmhouse style, the kitchen island will play an important role in providing harmony, balance, and consistency.


The heart of a kitchen

Depending on the layout of the kitchen and the purpose of your island, it may be a space where your family spend a lot of their time, whether that’s socialising, enjoying meals or preparing food. Therefore, it can be the very heart of a kitchen – and so much more than an extension of the work surface.

Extra seating

With extra space, you also have another seating area. With the additional seating for dining or entertaining, you can eliminate the need for a separate dining room. This is a great way to save on space and create a more open-plan kitchen dining area.

If you’re looking for some kitchen island inspiration or wish to talk to our friendly team about your ideas, you can book your design consultation today by calling 020 8958 6262.