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Luxury Kitchens Fulham

Looking for a brand new kitchen for your home in Fulham? Look no further than Kitchen Coordnation! Our expertise and craft in providing Luxury Kitchens makes us the most highly sought-after kitchen designers in Fulham. So if its time for you to upgrade your existing Kitchen to a new, bespoke, luxurious kitchen – then lets get coordinated! Our approach is to combine your individual requirements with our contemporary approach to bring to you a kitchen like no other. Our objective is to give you the wow factor every time you walk into your kitchen, and create something truly contemporary and bespoke.

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020 8958 6262 | info@kitchencoordination.co.uk

We don’t not buy off the shelf! We work with one of the world’s leading luxury kitchen manufacturers – Rational who only use and apply the highest quality materials and fittings to each project. Simply put, our approach is completely tailored to your requirements – we do not utilise a standard off the shelf approach. Each angle, fitting, colour and function will be dictated by your desire, and we will work with you to ensure that this comes to fruition. Our strategic partnership with Rational has been in place for many years, and they themselves have been established for well over 50 years – providing the high end kitchen experience. And ‘experience’ is the operative word as this is what will provide you every day when you enter your kitchen!

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We are specialists in providing bespoke, contemporary, modern luxury kitchens, fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing. One of our strengths is that we work closely with each client resulting in a completely bespoke kitchen that is not only beautiful to the eye but is also completely practical, functional and makes the new space an absolute joy to cook, live and work in. Visit our Editorial page to see examples of many of our kitchens that have been featured in magazines, and read about our work. As Fulham’s premier Kitchen company, you can rest assured that the quality we provide will give you a kitchen that will last for many years!

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