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What Makes a Modern Kitchen?

There is no easy way to define a “modern kitchen design” because there are endless styles –all constantly evolving. It is, however, possible to hone in on a set of characteristics that help to create a contemporary feel.


Many people believe that minimalism means a design that’s devoid of colour, however, this is simply not the case. A minimalist kitchen is all about creating an uncluttered space with clean lines and sheer simplicity throughout. Less is more.

Monochromatic schemes can undoubtedly bring balance and deliver a soothing effect that lends itself perfectly for a minimal kitchen, but even if you were to incorporate vibrant colours, the key consideration here is to scale things back. This could include:

  • Integrated appliances
  • Handless rail systems
  • Empty worktops (with cutlery and appliances tucked away out of sight)
  • Mixer tap as opposed to single taps

Matt Cabinetry

For many years, high gloss cabinetry was the go-to look for a more contemporary kitchen, however, the matt-effect finish delivers a sleek and sophisticated look that sets the tone for a modern kitchen, especially if the cabinetry is a shade of grey.

Ample natural light

Natural light is a key consideration in kitchen design, especially for more modern themes, and by maximising fresh daylight you can create a brighter and more spacious feel. In turn, this makes it a more uplifting and pleasant place to spend time. 

Pair natural materials with industrial-inspired features

Industrial design features have been growing in popularity in recent years. You only need to visit your local high-street’s many coffee shops, cafes and bars to see these striking yet understated features deliver a stunning focal point that’s just right for modern interior design. An example of this could be a concrete centre island with rustic metal bar stools and a copper backsplash above a contrasting marble worktop.

A touch of vibrance

You don’t necessarily need to use every colour of the rainbow; however, you can create a contemporary look by having fun with colour. Whether you intend to use bold artistic prints, colourful lighting or a bright geometric splashback, it’s important to remember that a hint of vibrancy can go a very long way – adding a great deal of personality to your modern kitchen.

Moody accents

On the other side of the coin, more masculine details and ‘moody’ accents can deliver a luxury and contemporary look. Cabinets in deep greys, dramatic blues and stable green can all deliver a lovely touch of contrast to bright white walls, splashbacks and worktops.

A modern kitchen can feature a wide range of styles, colours, textures and the look and layout of your home will undoubtedly contribute to the style you choose. If you need some inspiration or wish to learn more about our unique and personal design service, you can book your design consultation today or tell us more about your needs by calling 020 8958 6262.

If you’re looking for a new modern kitchen, then get in touch with us below for a free initial consultation…